10 Principles for Community Mission

I found these thoughts interesting. It’s certainly not comprehensive but food for thought.

10 Principles for Community Mission

1. Try to always take someone with you to start building capacity and networks of relationships.

2. Don’t do anything or start any program if people don’t ask for it and aren’t a part of it.

3. Only give if you are not expecting it back in return and try to never expect anything back in return.

4. Try to link people up and create win- win situations.

5. Think, Act then Reflect

6. Be hospitable and always accepting.

7. Listen to what people are and are not saying.

8. Ask what is already going on and how it might be more effective.

9. Outcome is not as important as doing something because it is right to do.

10. Your relationship with God fuels you and is more important than the mistakes you make.


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SUNO seeks to support and train churches and Christians to engage in local mission through networking, resources, consultancy and auspicing. View all posts by SU Neighbourhood Outreach

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