TEAR WA Virtual Conference

TEAR WA Virtual Conference: Enough! Being God’s People in a Captivated World

28 July 2012

Registration closes: 16 July 2012

This year’s TEAR National Conference (Sydney 6-8 July) was so good we really don’t want people in WA to miss out – plus we just like seeing you! So we are going to take the best bits of National Conference and run our own virtual conference.

See: TEARWAVirtualConference

The day will include:

–       Some worship

–       Watching 2 keynote presentations from National Conference on video

–       Small group discussions around the key-note presentations

–       A fieldworker update from Afghanistan (not via video!)

The main theme

We live in a culture that is held captive to a vision of growth: where privilege, entitlement, exploitation and endless accumulation are the norm. But we yearn for a Kingdom culture, where followers of Jesus have been freed to practice Christ’s vision of sufficiency: living in solidarity, humility, justice and equality.

TEAR Australia’s “ENOUGH” conference is an opportunity to be uplifted by this vision. To be transformed by a Kingdom culture, and empowered to live it out in today’s empire-ruled culture, through Christian community. Together, we will explore what it means to have had enough (of poverty, injustice and excuses), and what it means to have enough (sufficient for our needs).


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