Catching up with “New Thing”

A couple of months ago Geoff Westlake was in America and caught up with “New Thing” – not a church, not a network of churches, but a network of networks of churches!

It started with 2 brothers starting a church (Christian Community Church) with reproduction as a seriously core value.

– So when they started a small group, it was with the other as an apprentice.

– When they wanted to start a second group that was fine but they both then needed to have an apprentice before that group could start.

– When the next person said, “can I start another group,” they said “Sure – but you need an apprentice before you can start.”

– When they started a church, there was an apprentice for every role.

– Then when the apprentices were ready to start their own, it was, “Sure – but you need each an apprentice before you can start.”

– When there were a few churches, a network co-ordinator was needed, but you guessed it, “Sure – you need an apprentice before you can start.”


They eventually needed a systems expert, and found one (and I guess he has an apprentice!).  That’s when “New Thing” began – networking networks of networks of churches. Now somewhere in the world a new group/plant begins on average every 11 days.

This adamant apprenticing is the secret to their reproduction. A simple but effective mechanism to enable work to multiply! And even prevent things from starting until they are really ready with reproductive potential.



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