10 Things Missional Parents Can Do

Many parents ponder how they might be able to be missional in the context of their life situations.  Perhaps that’s you now.

This post by Doug Paul on “10 Thing Missional Moms Can Do” are simple but good things that I reckon are relevant for all parents and, in fact, some are relevant for those of us who are not parents as well.

Does one stand out as an invitation to you? How about you choose one to do this week.

1. Take your kids on walks in your neighborhood- Start saying Hi. It will eventually lead to conversation.

2. Go to same grocery store, coffee shop, restaurant on the same day at the same time every week- You will form relationship with workers. So become invitational with them.

3. Take kids to closest park, pool, lake, game place, public library, barnes & nobles, etc. to meet others with your kids.

4. Teach children to say hi to others and how to introduce themselves as you introduce yourself.

5. Once you start meeting all kinds of people in the neighborhood, begin scheduling playdates in your house, meet at the park, go on walks with another family, go to the pool, etc. Other stay at home mothers are dying for relationship and they love an invitation to do something.

6. Start inviting families over for dinner.

7. Find out when their birthdays are and do something special for them. Don’t expect anything in return.

8. We take chairs and sit in the front of the house and let the kids play, ride bikes with other neighbor kids while we talk with parents or anyone else.

9. Orphans- We are joining a class this fall to see how we could become foster parents in the future.

10. Homeless- Do an act of kindness and make them a homemade sandwich. Have your kids watch you give it to them.



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