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A dark church fantasy

Do you have a dark church fantasy?

Beth Barnett recently wrote about the dark church fantasy she sometimes ponders.

What would happen if all church buildings were unable to be used for 3 years?

How would the church respond?  How might the church be the church without the buildings so many rely upon?  Perhaps the church would embody who we are called to be more fully in such times.

Read her post for further thoughts.


Faithfulness or Fruitlessness?

As we reflect on the missional movement here in WA, and in Australia generally (and probably more broadly too!), we observe the questions of “how do I know whether I should keep going with what I am doing?” and “when is it time to move on to other things?”.    Everyone articulates this somewhat differently and the factors are always unique but these questions are often present.  The issues are always complex and there are never easy answers.

Often in these thoughts come questions of the seeming fruitlessness of the current situation and what it means to be faithful in the midst of that.  This post challenges me, given that my tendency is on the faithfulness side of this tension.

English-speaking Migrants

Steve moved to Adelaide a couple of years ago.

From his own experience, he reflects on the need to care for English-speaking migrants and that there are particular needs for this group of people.

I have been really struck by the amount of people there are in this category in Perth.  Are you in area where this is significant?  What does it mean for you?

Melbourne community in the Newspaper

I (Barb) have loved getting to connect with some of the people around WA who are living and dreaming about what it means to be followers of Jesus in the various contexts that we find ourselves in 2012.

The community that I have been part of for the last decade or so in Melbourne had an article written up about them in The Age newspaper a couple of months ago.  A group of people in a different place being followers of Jesus in their context.

A Commissioning Prayer

A Commissioning Prayer written by Mark Berry.

Co:missioning prayer
In the name of the divine and mysterious Trinity,
You have called us into being through love.
You have joined us to one another in love.
You have placed us in your world to love.

Grant each one of us the strength
To carry your blessing from this place to the next.
May we be at home in any land and in any place in between, for all the cosmos is yours.
May we, with our hopes set on your shalom in the world, live also as aliens in all lands.

May the rhythms of your creation be the heartbeat which sustains our very life.
May the lamp of your word guide our feet on the unsure paths of each day.
May your breathing be the winds which lead us across strange new oceans.

Our lives are but a breath,
But our breaths are drawn, from your divine Spirit.
You have created us, peregrinate,
traveling paradoxes, holy wanderers.
Specs of dust and divine-image bearers.
Shadows of your creativity,
and crucibles of the spark of innovation.
We are constantly restless until we rest in you.

Grant each one of us and our community a deeper fullness of being and spirit,
May our faces be fuller in glory and joy,
Now bearing new shape, as our faces transform and supplement one another.
May that transformation bring peace, joy and love in the world in which you have placed us.

Go in the name of the Spirit who moves across the surface the waters,
and in the beating of the human heart,
Go in the name of Jesus, the God-Man who died, rose and lives on for us,
Go in the name of the Creator and re-Creator, the mother of grace.

A Story of Hope from Cheers

Geoff writes:

“What can I do when I keep on being teased?” asked a preteen boy hopelessly, at one of our regular Friday arvo’s for preteens affectionately called “Rookies.” We normally have a sit-down chat, and we’ve been discussing problem-solving. So we gathered around and together stepped through the GROW model, using this boy’s live situation. G: the Goal of this conversation (to know what to do when I’m being teased.) R: tell the Reality of the situation. He did, we clarified. It’s harsh. O: What are your Options? Everyone brainstormed, kids volunteered to help. W: what Will you do? He chose a handful of options to try, and hope visibly returned to his body. Just a little victory in the life of Cheers.
The other Rookies all wrote notes on the GROW model to take home, and explain to their parents. We’ll never know what might be resolved, as this little life-skill ripples out.

CB Samuel’s Vision for “Life”

CB Samuel is someone who has disturbed me, challenged me, made me wrestle with my understanding of the gospel and life and brought me hope for many years now.

This video was filmed for a Perth audience – in it CB Samuel talks about the Gospel, “life” and his observations of Australia.

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