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December 2010 SUNO Wrestler

Here is the SUNO Wrestler from the end of 2010, for your information and pondering. It has a general SUNO update and two articles that featured on this blog in 2010:

Danelle’s excellent discussion of evangelism with integrity and honesty.


Living as a Missionary – one person’s journey with a more mission focused life. A great read if the term mission and missionary freak you out but you know that God is calling you to grow His kingdom.


SUNO Wrestler May 2010

SUNO Wrestler May 10

Above is the current SUNO Wrestler – which is very exciting!  Have a read, inside are some updates on SUNO projects and some interesting articles on local mission.  Please let us know your thoughts on the articles:

Excerpt from Darrell Guder’s book The Incarnation and the Church’s Witness (2005)

Two pieces from OC International by Dave De Vries

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